Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall

A spiritual and physical experience

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Bar Mitzvah by the Western Wall

Bar mitzvah at the Kotel is the classic Bar Mitzvah!

It happens at the Western Wall plaza when we attach the way to the Torah to the women’s section so that the mother of the boy and the rest of the family can also observe the boy’s ceremony.


Bar Mitzvah by the Southern Wall

The great advantage of the Southern Wall is that it is a quiet and private place.

It will allow you making the Aliyah to Torah ceremony an intimate experience without the noise and bustle of the plaza.

Another advantage is that there is no separation between men and women so that women will also enjoy the ceremony of Aliyah to the Torah and the mother of the Bar Mitzvah boy can embrace and kiss her son immediately after the ceremony.

Wonderful Bar Mitzvah by the Western Wall with the support of Davidson Center

The Davidson Center combines well between antiquities of the remains of the Wall, privacy, and quiet.

You can enjoy the beauty of the site and celebrate bar mitzvah by the Western Wall as it was. There is no separation between males and females, that’s why the whole family can enjoy the ceremony at the Kotel.

However, if you want, you can separate men and women.

A unique family celebration in Jerusalem

If you come here, you will probably want more details. Get a video tutorial from us, which will explain everything you require to know about Bar Mitzvah by the Western Wall of Jerusalem.

Read before the order! ​

We conduct a Bar Mitzvah event according to a planned and coordinated schedule so that the entire event will pass smoothly and with pleasure. Do yourself a favor and read the agenda. Thus, you will know exactly what to expect.

photo bar mitzvah kotel jerusalem
Bar mitzvah Kotel Jerusalem
photo bar mitzvah israel kotel
Bar mitzvah Jerusalem Western Wall

Six reasons to choose us


Our company has over 15 years of experience in the organization of Bar Mitzvah by the Wailing Wall. More than 150 families celebrated Bar Mitzvah with us and everyone was satisfied.

High standards

We offer a worry-free event. We’ll organize the Bar Mitzvah occasion at the Kotel in Jerusalem from A to Z while taking care of all the tiniest details and a solution to any problems that may arise, so you won’t have to worry about the event but only enjoy it.


The meeting with us does not necessarily have to be organized in our office. It is possible to hold a meeting to coordinate expectations at a coffee shop or at the Western Wall itself so that the meeting was not only a business meeting but also an enjoyable Jerusalem happening.

Meeting the expectations

We will coordinate all the details of the Bar Mitzvah at the Wailing Wall with you so that we know 100% of what you want and expect it to be. That’s why you will hardly be disappointed.

No surprises

We promise that there won’t be any surprises, which are unknown in advance. There won’t be any additional payments. You only pay for the package you order from us. There is no need for extra expenses.


We offer a diverse menu for every taste and every pocket – we will prepare the restaurant and menu that suit you best. Those who love meat will enjoy a piece of fine meat. Those who love fish will receive fish with a good Jerusalem spices. We offer meals at a variety of prices, but all of them are delicious and satisfying meals corresponding to gourmet’s tastes.

Bar mitzvah Hebrew

Bar mitzvah recommendations

If you’ve come this far, you’re probably curious to know what people think of us, so get feedback from the customers we’ve had the honor to organize a Bar mitzvah for

Semyon Grafman

Semyon’s recommendation for the celebration:

We came from New York, quite far from the Wailing Wall, to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah for Semion’s nephew.

There was an amazing event full of a great joy. All the people in Israel, including schoolchildren, young people, and others, who saw Semyon, joined the great celebration. All those who joined the event made it more joyful, exciting and spectacular.

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Mashiko Suissa

The Suissa family recommendation:

The Suissa family enjoyed the unforgettable Bar Mitzvah celebration.

There’s no doubt, this was the result of planning bar mitzvah by the Wall in a precise and meticulous manner together with the parents.

The event was coordinated with the participants and thought over to the smallest details.

Tzvika Cohen


A recommendation by Zvika, who came from faraway Haifa. Zvika said:

“I’d like to thank the Kinor David Company, Hagai, and the staff for organizing a very high-level event.

Before the event order, I watched all Hagai’s videos and decided to choose “Kinor David”. They are professionals with a lot of original and fun ideas.

The Bar Mitzvah boy liked everything that was there that day and would remember it throughout his life.”

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The Levi family


Recommendation of the Levi family from Hadera:

The Levy family was grateful to us for organizing the event.

We gave them solutions for everything, such as arriving in Jerusalem with a comfortable bus and other.

We had the honor of making an enjoyable event that they would never forget.

We’re glad to thank all the customers who chose us to organize Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall.

We also want to thank everyone who recommended us; we appreciate you very much, and we will always be happy to provide you with additional services.

Why should you celebrate an occasion at Kotel in Jerusalem?

Jerusalem is a center of the Jewish culture and traditions, while the Kotel is the heart of Jerusalem. There’s no place, where a Jew can feel closer to God than by the Wailing Wall.

There’re all the things by the Wall, which are needed in order to perform an impressive mitzvah event, the climax of which is the rise to the Torah, according to Halakha. By the Wall, there is a Torah scroll and places, which are arranged for the ceremony of Aliyah to the Torah. There is also a holy atmosphere.

In addition, there are plenty of restaurants around the Wall, which are appropriate for such an occasion and where you can pamper yourself, your relatives, and guests at a feast, which will end the event with a good taste.

Why is it a good idea to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah with our Center?

If you’re sure that you should celebrate mitzvah at the Wailing Wall, you can think that it is very complicated to organize the occasion. But with us, you have nothing to worry about. Kinor David is a company, which has been organizing such a kind of events at the Wall for over 15 years. We are here to organize everything for you in order to entertain your guests.

We accompany the entire event with a pianist, who stands next to the Bar Mitzvah boy and makes sure that the Haftarah is performed Halakhic. In addition, the songwriter is responsible for all the happy and logistical aspects of the event.

Come and see our site with more than 300 articles and videos explaining to you and showing you anything you want to know about Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall. On the site, you will also observe the recommendations of many customers, who enjoyed the service we provided them with.

What do you get?

You receive a sumptuous bar mitzvah package, which includes transportation, a procession of musicians, attractions, a Torah ceremony, visit to Jerusalem, food, and everything that will make your ceremony unique and enjoyable.

You will receive 100% unforgettable spiritual experience, in which your son will become a man, who observes Torah at an event at the Kotel, which he and you will never forget.

So, what are you waiting for? Call today and coordinate a Bar Mitzvah meeting at the Wailing Wall with us. We promise you that you won’t be disappointed but only delighted.

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