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My name is David Mansura, a professional musician with a B.A. (Rubin Music Academy in Jerusalem), producer and manager of Kinor David company that specializes in event production, with an emphasis on Bar Mitzvah events. I started my path as a musician after graduating the Academy of Music in Jerusalem. As a clarinetist, I took part in various orchestras and bands. One day I came to pray at the Kotel, and I saw that at a Bar Mitzvah ceremony, which was held there was something missing – some tune of joy …! So I started playing my clarinet at Bar Mitzvah events that were held at the Kotel. 

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 Naturally, a shophar also joined, which added to every occasion an aura of holliness and grandeur. I have learned from every event and drew the conclusions. This is how the Kinor David company was built, as a production company that knows how to sew each event according to the measurements of the groom …

I’ve combined professionals and suppliers to my team: musicians, guides, restaurants – everyone is a  professional in his field and service-oriented, but the most, the most important thing for me is that they are putting their heart into the work and do it with joy, so for you it will not be just another event, but a celebration …

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  • Warm, attentive and favorable attitude to the bar mitzvah groom
  • Planning for the event to the last detail and the construction of the production portfolio together with you
  • Five options for the event packages – according to the budget and without exceptions
  • Event management from beginning to end – what is left for you is just the celebration
  • Content services, transportation and high-class catering without compromises
  • You are welcome to make a preliminary meeting without obligation
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A family event can be a big headache accompanied by pressure and distress … but a family event should be meaningful, fun, cheerful, with a sweet taste that should be remembered for years!

We are very strict about all those little things that turn the event into a real celebration:

David Mansura

Bar Mitzva producer david

Bar Mitzva producer

David is the manager of Kinor David company, that produces Bar Mitzva ceremonies at The Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Chagai Ben Chaim

hagai ben haim

Bar Mitzva Rabbi

Rabbi Chagai was the vice Int’l Bible quiz groom. He has conducted hundreds of Bar Mitzva ceremonies at the Western Wall.

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