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Bar and Bat Mitzvah decorations

Today we’re going to talk about adornments and decorations that are suitable as Bar and Bat Mitzvah decorations. Amongst Bat Mitzvah ideas, there are some about adorning the hall, in which the celebration of this festive event will happen.

Balloons as the good mood prerequisites

First of all, balloons come to mind. You can select practically any color if it is not bright red or orange to stick to Torah’s commandments. It is best of all to select these colors and hues:

They can be attached to tables (to their centers), to chairs of guests, arranged as an arch at the entrance or in other place of the hall, as well as made as a big airy Chuppah that can cover the scene, a place of seating of the heroine of the day or the entrance to the hall of celebration.

They will very profitably look when illuminated in a proper manner – the color of the ball and light coming from the top or bottom can create an alluring composition and festive mood.

photo Bar and Bat Mitzvah
Bar and Bat Mitzvah decorations

Food as the decoration

Not all food necessarily must be eaten – some part of it can perfectly be a decoration that can be put either on tables of guests or on the separate festive table in the central place to attract views.

For the latter, an ice sculpture is perfect – made of ice of various colors, like blue, orange or pink (adding to water juices of blueberry (receiving blue hue) or orange (orange or pale orange) or crashed melted candies of pink color (for pinkish), respectively).

You can also decide on your own color of ice – and find recipes for that online. As for the shape – it can be a swan, the Temple or a form, at your discretion.

In the case of individual tables’ decoration, your cook can prepare something of fruits and/or vegetables. Use carrot and cucumber to make flowers. Use grapes, berries, and pear to make pheasant.

Banana, kiwis, and tangerines will make palm trees. Onions will be able to become a lotus flower (only spray it on top with the mixture of lemon juice and coffee to deprive of smell). Watermelons can be turned into turtles if to carve their crust into carapace.

Photo Bar and Bat Mitzvah
Bat mitzvah in israel

Gifts for a girl

Nobody has canceled money as the great gift – but if only you are sure she’ll save it and will be able to either multiply it or spend wisely, not just wasting it.

When money is not an option for either case, a good book (not specifically must it be religious) will be handy.

However, what is good that girls, unlike boys, can be given with jewelry made of silver or gold, including precious metals. What’s a nice thing about such gift – that it won’t be wasted at all times – as even if it will not fit, she can just collect it and save for the future use or sell.

The type of the jewelry can be anything: necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet, pendant, watch. This can also be a religious item – like menorah or hanukkiah.

Or something like a trinket – money holder, for instance. So come what may – it always will have a price of the precious metal/gems, at least.

You can give anything other, more precious – depending on your wealth and relation to Bat Mitzvah – like a smartphone, tablet, plasma TV, a car, a house…

We hope you can use some ideas from this text – and come back to us for more ideas in the next articles!

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