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Bar Mitzvah by the Kotel

How the event is organized?

Bar mitzvah organization greatly depends on the direction of Judaism and specific traditions. However, the general process of preparation and planning is always similar. Many parents prefer to hire a special company for the organization, as it will allow relieving them from a kind of pressure.

photo bar mitzvah at the western wall in israel
Bar mitzvah at the Western Wall in Israel

Bar mitzvah by the Kotel and its stages

Every Bar mitzvah starts with the preparation of a boy/girl for this important occasion. The children attend special schools and have lessons with a rabbi. It is better to start the preparations about 2 years before Bar mitzvah. The other planning usually takes about half a year.

The day starts with the official ceremony in a synagogue. Many Jews prefer organizing it by the Western Wall, which is the holiest place for the Jewish people all over the world. Here the hero of the occasion is to rise to the Torah and then to read definite paragraphs of it. To do it right, the kid attends a rabbi.

After the religious part, the Bar mitzvah boy/girl together with the relatives and guests can have a tour through Jerusalem. The final part of the occasion is the celebration. It is vital to choose a good restaurant with kosher foods and many opportunities. Kinor David is a company, which is ready to provide you with the best choice.

The organization of the celebration

It is very important to take care of the planning, as Bar mitzvah is an essential part of the life of every Jew. Thinking about the place of celebration (which is usually a restaurant), consider the following aspects:

  • cuisine
  • food quality (remember that the dishes must be kosher)
  • distance from the place of the official part of the ceremony
  • possibility to dance/take photos/prepare decorations in a certain style.

Remember that the cake is usually an integral part of the party.


photo bar mitzvah israel
Bar mitzvah Israel

Our agency will be glad to offer various restaurants not far from the Kotel. All of them require ordering in advance, as there are many people desiring to organize Bar mitzvah by the Wall.

Of course, all people are different. Some of them may consider eating not far from the Wall to be a sin. Other people may think that getting rid of your hunger fast with light Bar Mitzvah food is an excellent idea. There are those, who gather at a restaurant to celebrate the boy’s life turn into adulthood ordering big Bar Mitzvah menus.

As all of us are different, during the organization of your Bar mitzvah celebration, we take into account all your desires concerning snacks and plan everything you want on the highest level at the best suitable place.

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