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Bar mitzvah dress code as a part of the preparation

The significance of clothes

The dress code for a Jewish woman greatly depends on the occasion. The key things about Jewish clothes for any occasion are wonderful taste and style. Nice or strict costumes of men and elegant lovely dresses of women have become an essential part of the style of the Jewish people.

A Bar mitzvah is one of the significant occasions in the Jewish life. Thus, the clothes are a key aspect of the preparation.

נBar mitzvah dress code: style

The key thing about any Bar mitzvah dress – it should be new (concerning the hero of the occasion). The problem may occur when selecting a cocktail or more formal dress. As Bar mitzvah is a religious occasion, it is better to be more conservative. However, today it is possible to find a nice cocktail version of a Bar mitzvah dress.

Consider several other requirements:

  • the skirt should be long
  • the ankles should be covered
  • the jewelry should be classic (for instance, with pearls)
  • the colors of the clothes should be simple and pastel.

Note that any dress must look modest. Besides, the choice greatly depends on the place of celebration and a synagogue. As for the guests, a pantsuit might be a good choice. The elements of the dress such as scarves should be carefully selected.

There are usually 3 dresses required:

photo bat mitzvah
Bat mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel

Why Bat mitzvah dress is so important?

Every parent knows, how important it is to buy the most magnificent dress for their girl. She will be a center of attention during the ceremony, which is why people are ready to spend lots of money on the attire. The search of the appropriate clothes usually starts about half a year before the actual event.

Such early preparations allow making definite changes to the apparel if required. Another important aspect is the price. Speak to your kid and set the limits (do not forget that the clothes also reflect your wealth). Consider the favorite colors of your daughter and the preferable fabrics (those, which will make the girl feel comfortable). Note that various directions of Judaism might have specific requirements to the Bar mitzvah dress code.

As a result, the clothes must reflect the taste and sanctity. Remember that the dress must be special for a young lady. The attire you wear always has an impact on your mood, so you have all chances to make Bar mitzvah a happy and unforgettable event for your daughter.

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