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Bar mitzvah in Israel facts

The important Jewish holidays

Every holiday in the Jewish culture is very important. The majority of them are connected with the religion. If you ask someone, what the holiday is, the person will tell you that it is either a cultural or a religious event, which is celebrated by the people with definite beliefs and traditions.

For Jews, many occasions are a kind of commemorations of various historical events and the celebration of the people’s relations with God.

The holidays are called Torah in Jewish culture. It is translated as a ‘rendezvous’.

Thus, every holiday is a sort of meeting connected with spiritual dimensions as well as time and places. The events reflect the Jewish understanding of history, soul, and God. Every representative of this culture deeply respects the traditions and understands their importance.

According to the Jewish beliefs, the key purpose of the existence is to be engaged in the relations with God because He is our creator. And our creation is for our benefits.
Along with the official holidays, there are other important events in the life of every Jew. Among the most significant occasions for the Jews, there are:
1. Bat/Bar Mitzvah
2. births
3. Upsherin (a 4. haircutting ceremony)
5. Pidyon Haben (the redemption of the first-born son by the father)
Circumcision, etc.

photo bar mitzvah+kotel masorti
Bar mitzvah at the Western Wall

Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel and its importance

Bar Mitzvah ceremony is one of the most significant occasions in the life of every boy. As soon as he is 13, he should pass through a corresponding ritual in order to become a man and a full member of an adult society. It is a very important occasion for the whole family. From this point, a young man is to fulfill the mitzvahs as well as the other male members of the family.

It is a good idea to organize the ceremony by the Kotel, as it is the holiest place for the Jews all over the world and a vital part of their history. Besides, there are many restaurants around, where Kinor David can organize a party.

photo Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel congratulations
Bar mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel

Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel and its stages

he ceremony consists of several parts. The key thing is the preparation. The boy usually visits a Rabbi, who teaches him how to read the Torah and pass through the ritual. On this stage, it is also possible to learn the Hebrew language. As for the ceremony itself, it consists of:
the entry (everyone can understand, what the ritual is about)
1. preparation
2. climax (the hero of the occasion is called to the Torah to read a part of it)
3. Celebration.
The ceremony might be accompanied by the wonderful music and attractions organized by Kinor David.

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