Bar Mitzvah in Israel

That’s exactly how your Bar Mitzvah will be if you entrust its organization to us, “Kinor David” company:

photo bar mitzvah at the kotel western wall

Traditional, bright, and sparkling festivity

An ideal Bar Mitzvah is based on three following basics:

Ancient traditions and preparation for the sacrament

Bright and memorable ceremony

Outstanding holiday for your son

Financial saving

You already know that we do the best-priced ceremony of Bar Mitzvah


Practical education and training of your son to make rite ideal.

photo bar mitzvah itinerary israel

Meeting your guests

The red carpet for you and your guests, flowers, air balloons, and inflated dancing rabbi doll

photo bar mitzvah tours israel reviews

Ascending to Torah

Reading parts from Torah that relate to what’s happening

photo masorti bar mitzvah israel

Musical procession

Musical accompaniment to the procession by the graduates of Rubin’s Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

photo bar mitzvah favors ideas


The process is guided by the rabbi with over 8 years of experience

photo bar mitzvah photographer israel


A document certifying the ascending to Torah.

photo bar bat mitzvah in israel

More than just a festivity at the Western Wall

Let’s put it straight. The festivity of ascending to Torah is just a part of Bar Mitzvah ceremony. The party itself includes a number of other elements – starting with gathering your guests ending with events after the ceremony. We know how much time and money you may waste on it. That is why we take all these chores into our hands.

What we do:

photo bene israel bar mitzvah
photo planning a bar mitzvah in israel

What is a guarantee to the ideal Bar Mitzvah?


Experienced rabbi Hagai Ben-Haim monitors the compliance with thousand-years rules of ascending to Torah who is in charge of this for over 8 years now. We teach your son before the ceremony in order to give him the theory and practice to prepare for the sacrament.

Vivid ceremony

You and your guests are met with red carpet. Your son is accompanied by the drums, shofars, and the inflated dancing rabbi doll on his way to the Western Wall. Along with that, graduates of the Rubin’s Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance make the professional musical accompaniment to the ceremony.

Sparkling holiday

Jolly music and our employees make all people happy during the holiday. As we’ve seen it for numerous times, everyone is happy with us, even the sternest people who only smile once a year.


Where your Bar Mitzvah is offered

photo bar mitzvah ceremony in israel

We offer you 4 places to choose from to your prayer at the Wailing Wall:

Two places on the square in front of the Wall – only men will be able to support your son here, as only men are eligible to be on the men’s part of the square.

Ezrat Israel – another open spot at the same square nearby the Wall but only as it is for everyone, it means that mother, aunts, grandmothers also can participate.

Synagogue – it is located at the Wall under the Wilson’s Arch and is ideal for ascending to Torah when it’s rainy or cloudy.

But which exactly place to choose? It is not so easy to answer this question just like that. You have to see each of them and select only after it.

To be able to see the needed places of the ceremony and receive the free consultation on Bar Mitzvah’s organization, be sure to.

Fine planning is the prerequisite of an ideal holiday

Bar Mitzvah is like making a movie. Everything starts from the thoroughly elaborated script, where every step of festivity is elaborated in every detail. That is why an ideal script is the needed step for luxurious and unforgettable Bar Mitzvah.

How do we create it? Together with you! We meet you in the Old City. We walk with you through the places of the future festivity. We select the place for the prayer. Agree on details and record each of your wishes.

After that, we work through all the informational volume and turn it into the detailed script of your future holiday. But that’s not it! We discuss it with you at first. And only after it is agreed with you, we plan its implementation!

photo bar mitzvah at the kotel
photo bar mitzvah in the kotel

Walking in the procession

Bar Mitzvah in Israel kotel

Making the certificate

photo bar mitzvah at the kotel

The ceremony of ascending to Torah

Bar Mitzvah western wall

Shehecheyanu Blessings

photo bar mitzvah kotel israel

Gathering guests

Do you want to know how the ideal Bar Mitzvah is spent?

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