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Bar Mitzvah in the Kotel

The history of the Western Wall

The Western Wall is the holiest place for the Jews all over the world. It has a very long history and plays an important role in the culture. This ancient place is located in the Old City of Jerusalem. Year by year, people come here to pray and make a wish.

The construction is a part of the Temple, which was destroyed. The Wall was the only element, which survived. This is the reason why so many important occasions are commemorated by the Kotel.

Bar mitzvah organization in Israel

It is very important to plan your Bar mitzvah beforehand. It especially concerns the case when you want to have a ceremony by the Kotel. Remember that the ceremony is possible only on the definite days (when the Torah is read). Besides, you can always ask the guide to help you (just consider their working hours).

Besides, to organize a good Bar mitzvah, it is required to know all the aspects and spend lots of time. That’s why many Jewish families prefer to hire professionals to plan the event. Thus, they can pay more attention to the hero of the occasion, the choice of a costume/dress, etc.

organisation bar mitzvah israel
Organisation bar mitzvah israel

Kinor David is ready to help with every stage of ceremony planning:

bar mitzvah rabbi in israel
Israel themed bar mitzvah

Bar mitzvah in the Kotel and decoration of the celebration

Among the interesting ideas for Bat/Bar Mitzvah, there are some about the decoration of the hall, where the celebration of this wonderful event is planned. First of all, think of the balloons. You can choose almost any color if only it is not bright red/orange color, as they do not correspond to the commandments of the Torah. It is better to prefer the following shades:

  • white
  • green
  • blue
  • yellow
  • rose
  • silvery (especially with a reflecting surface) or transparent.
photo temple israel bar mitzvah
Planning bar mitzvah in israel

The decoration of the hall is very important to create a festive mood and positive atmosphere for the guests and the hero of the occasion. The balloons can be attached to tables, to chairs of guests, arranged in a form of an arch (for instance, at the entrance or in the other place of the hall). It is also possible to make a big airy Chuppah covering the scene, a place, where the hero of the event sits, or the entrance to the restaurant hall. Another good idea is to add illuminations.

Various food decorations are also popular in Jewish society. There are, for example, lovely sculptures made of ice of different colors. There are also compositions made of mashed melted candies, which are also very impressive. Something interesting might be made of vegetables or fruit as well.

Kinor David will be glad to decorate your restaurant for one of the most significant occasions in your children’s life.

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