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What not to do on Bar Mitzvah

There is much Bar Mitzvah information on what to DO during this event, but there is very little information on what you shouldn’t or directly prohibited from doing on Bar Mitzvah. So let’s consider those things, trying to make a complete guide on what NOT to do during Bar Mitzvah.

What is prohibited to do on Bar Mitzvah in Judaism

photo bar mitzvah hebrew
Bar mitzvah planner Israel

Aside from a list of prohibitions, which are a few, below we present the list of pieces of advice that would simplify your life during the ceremony and after it.

photo bar mitzvah israel kotel
Bar mitzvah at theKotel

What is not recommended

photo bar mitzvah jewish
Bar mitzvah at the Kotel

We hope that two lists above will add value to your Bar Mitzvah ceremony and it will be pleasant.

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