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Bar mitzvah reception

Bar mitzvah party traditions: The significance of Food

Bar mitzvah is a special event celebrating an important stage of maturation for the boys, which always demands accurate and serious preparation.

It concerns not just dresses, décor, program or other details, but also meals. There are recommendations connected with foods, which must be presented during initiation.

Note that there are no rules about the dishes, which should be eaten during the ceremony or before it. The key rule is that all the foods on the day of initiation must be kosher. Candy buffet on Bar mitzvah is an essential part of the reception.

There is always a cake, which is cut after the main courses and snacks. The cake has beautiful decorations created according to the general décor of the party.

Bar mitzvah events

Traditional Bar mitzvah is thought to start as soon as a boy begins preparing for the ceremony. The adults usually take him to their work (they are Rabbis or Cantors). Such preparations might last for several months until a boy is absolutely ready and able to understand the Hebrew language. The kid is taught to read and recite the verses of the Torah.

As soon as the boy is ready, he is responsible for inviting his friends to the ceremony. On the day of the celebration, the young man puts on his tallith and kippah.

After the arrival at the synagogue, the family usually takes photos near the bimah. Then it’s time to read the Torah. During the ceremony, the parents always make the speech devoted to the hero of the celebration. After this, it is possible to go to the reception hall, where everything is ready for the celebration.

It’s a right time to have a party! The latest includes dances (including the slow ones), taking photographs, banquet, and the cake ceremony. The celebration might last till the late night.

Many people often ask a question: how long does a bat mitzvah ceremony last? The same as Bar mitzvah, it can finally end only by night. However, the official part may last for the various times depending on:

  • certain synagogue
  • the leadership of the synagogue
  • the traditions of the definite congregation (whether it is Orthodox, Conservative, etc.)
  • time and day you select to carry out the ceremony.
photo bar mitzvah at the kotel western wall
Bar mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel

Bar mitzvah menu: interesting ideas

Breakfast on Bar mitzvah is a responsible task, which is usually granted to the professional chefs. The latest use their fantasy and creativity to cook awesome kosher dishes. Among the popular dishes served while the guests keep gathering, there are cold snacks.

They are used as an aperitif. One of the widespread variations of such meals is a tunny with marmalade. The snack is spicy and delicate. Jewish people adore various salad mixtures. They are made of fresh or baked vegetables and create a good match with any fish or meat dishes.

Hot snacks during breakfast for Bar mitzvah also deserve your attention. They might be various. One of the favorite ones is made of silver muksun with the baked sweet paper, shallot, and teriyaki sauce. All the ingredients are baked together. Jewish people can add tomatoes, potatoes or other components, which can complement the dish.


photo bar mitzvah au kotel
Bar mitzvah Kotel Jerusalem

There are plenty of interesting recipes of desserts, such as strawberry soup. Besides the strawberries, it contains orange and granadilla juices mixed with sugar.

Such a dish is usually prepared especially for the younger visitors. Besides, it is vital not to forget about a nice cake for the celebration. Think about ordering it beforehand.

The guests always bring ‘smart’ gifts as well as sweet ones. The latest might be also eaten during Bar mitzvah ceremony or taken home.

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