Chuppah at the Western Wall

Chuppah at the Western Wall

During many centuries, the Western Wall remains a symbol of faith and hope for many generations.

Every year, more and more young families all over Israel want to conduct Chuppah using our company.

We gladly help them in this: we deal with all the chores connected to it, take care of the details, make calls, agree on, and book the required places. As the result, young people and their guests arrive at the place of a wedding in time, rested, in the good mood, ready for the mysterious ceremony of the creation of a new family.

Subtleties of the preparation stage

We take the full responsibility for the organization of the event. However, there are several moments, with which only the future husband and wife must deal:

  • it is necessary to send us the documents stating about the Halachic Jewry (after their mothers) of the bride and the groom
  • to select the option of the wedding ceremony: orthodox, traditional or reformist.

Description of the ceremony

A bride and a groom stand below the Chuppah (the canopy on four poles) that symbolizes a harmony, unity of two lives.

The Chuppah is open from all sides, which symbolizes the bond of the new family with the community. However, the distance dividing the newlyweds from all guests shows that a woman and a man have finally come to the single form, just as they were initially created by the God for each other.

From now on, they are in unity: a man is an external representative and a woman is responsible for the internal content. Being under Chuppah, all former sins are relieved to newlyweds and their new life begins from a new blank page.

The 1st stage of the rite is making Ketubah. This document indicates the responsibilities of each of spouses. They are formalized by signatures of two witnesses and a groom.

The 2nd stage is a Chuppah. Rabbi tells his initial blessing. Newlyweds drink a little wine from the glass and a groom puts on the wedding ring on a finger of his bride. Rabbi reads Ketubah aloud and after that, the groom takes it and passes to the bride.

The 3rd stage is 7 wedding blessings. The God in them is blessed for having created two wed people.

Chuppah at the Kotel

The ceremony takes no more than 40-50 minutes in general.

An ideal Chuppah at the Western Wall is based on three following principles:

During many centuries, the Western Wall is a symbol of faith and hope for many generations

Real fun


During the entire ceremony, you are accompanied by invigorating music, klezmers, drums, shofars.

A tribute to traditions

The ceremony is conducted under the strict guidance of Hagai Ben-Haim with pedantic following of all rules.

Memory about each step

An operator and a photographer are responsible for that, who capture a complete set of important moments.

Exactly the same holiday that you’ve wanted

Chuppah at the Kotel

Together with you, we elaborate the Chuppah script that we precisely implement during the ceremony.

Exactly the same holiday that you’ve wanted

Together with you, we elaborate the Chuppah script that we precisely implement during the ceremony.

Chuppah at the KOTELl

What are our responsibilities?

We can implement every your request

Help with opening the case in rabbinate and approval of Jewry – right after the future newlyweds send their documents that approve the Halachic Jewry (after their mothers) of the bride and the groom, rabbinate considers the case and releases the approval

Decorate the place of the ceremony (stationary, white Chuppah, decorated with flowers)

Invite a rabbi to conduct Chuppah (this can be Jews by blood, mixed-blood, non-maternal Jews. In addition, to leave away all strict requirements to actions of Rabanut or a Chief Rabbinate of Israel, we also invite the reformist rabbis)

If newlywed do not have two eyewitnesses yet, we’re helping them in it

Make the transfer from the set point as well as the airport transfer

Book the day and sign agreements

Order boutonniere for the groom and flower ball for the bride (if they wish to)

Together with the groom and the bride we browse through the halls for the ceremony and select the best

Make Ketubah – the certificate for memory

Discuss the menu, agree on food and drinks


The festive decoration of the hall

Photo and video shooting.

We’ve collected the most exciting wedding sites for you in Israel:


Only several meters from the Jewish shrine.

In the desert

Riding on jeeps or camels, and Bedouin tent.

The Dead Sea

On beaches of the Dead Sea in Bedouin style.


A city of mysticism and Kabbalah


The ruins of ancient fortresses and castles.


Dive into the world of history and might.

Chuppah at the Western Wall (1)

Of course, there are much more possibilities and sites to make a wedding in our country. You only have to tell us about your desires and we’ll select any other place that corresponds to your daydreams.

Your vows told on the Holy Land will make your unity strong forever. We know how important this is to select the picturesque, non-ordinary place for the solemn hour, as you will want to save memory about it for the rest of your life.

We know where your wedding will be private, quiet, and calm, without hordes of tourists and camera flashes. Whether you simply enter into your marriage or want to refresh your vows after many years spent together – address our agency! We will make the holiday to your liking!


A ring for the bride

A man is obliged to choose a ring for the bride, which she’ll wear as gratitude and acknowledgement of her as a part of the whole now, and wear it on the pointing finger. However, we all know that it is not that simple to find the right decoration, which would be suitable for the beauty of the bride.

First of all, it must suit Halakha rules, not having emptiness or breaks. Secondly, the ring may simply not suit expectations of the groom. If Chuppah is getting closer and closer but you weren’t able to find the needed ring yet – we’ll recommend you a number of jewelry stores in Israel, where you will be able to buy one.

A guarantee of bright and amazing holiday

Marriage is a sacred union that is sealed in heaven. It is filled with love and goodness. This is the most important event in the life of two people, who have decided to walk their path in life.

Jewish Chuppah is not only a tribute to ancient traditions but also the celebration of forming a new family. That is why this event must be jolly, filled with music, dancing, flowers, happy smiles and laughter.

Our project activity is directed to implement two main factors into life: traditions and modern days. We are ready to do everything to make you, your family, and friends happy with the celebration and the holiday.

We make the holiday from A to Z. You don’t have to worry about anything – calls, bookings, transfers, vehicles and so on. We are dealing with all organizational chores!

Do you want to organize your wedding at the Western Wall?

ind out all the details of the ideal wedding in Israel right now!

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