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Flowering pigeons

Bar mitzvah at the Western Wall and pigeons’ release

igeons have been used during Bar mitzvah ceremonies for many years. They have an important symbolic meaning for the Jewish people. There is a separate ceremony of the birds release organized as a part of the event. The ritual is adopted from the wedding ceremony.

Pigeons release is an original, beautiful, and unforgettable experience both for a 13-year-old boy or 12-year-old girl. Such a ritual will be very suitable for the age. The number of pigeons offered by Kinor David might be various. It usually totals from 25 to 50 birds.

Pigeons release ceremony

For any ceremony of release, the Jews prefer only white pigeons. The bird is connected with many legends and myths known from the ancient times. This is the main reason, why they are so widespread during various cultural and religious ceremonies. The birds are very significant for God and faith. Besides, they symbolize spirituality, purity, and peace.

Making the pigeons a part of any occasion, you can turn the event into an unforgettable thing with amazing attractions full of high spirits. Such a celebration will be remembered for many years.

photo Bar mitzvah at the Western Wall and its symbolism
Bar mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel

How to deal with the pigeons on Bar Mitzvah?

There are two most popular ways to organize the release ceremony:

Every guest gets a pigeon and the instructions when to release it and how to hold it. The birds are usually released as soon as the greetings of the hero of the occasion and the sounds of shofars come to end.

The doves are located in the cage. The guests are to declare the blessings for a Bar Mitzvah boy. After this, the sounds of the shofars appear and the hero of the occasion is to open the cage and let the doves out.

photo bar mitzvah ceremony
Bar mitzvah in the Kotel

According to the Jewish beliefs, the doves go up to the skies just like the luck of a Bar Mitzvah boy rises up and up. As for the Western Wall, there are 2 places for the organization of such a ritual. It might be either a Balcony of the Wall or the Mount of Olives.

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