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Jerusalem journey

Why are Bar mitzvahs important?

It is a celebration of the adulthood of a boy. It means he becomes an official member of the adult Jewish community. As Judaism is a religion, which is full of rituals, traditions, and texts, every religious event is extremely significant. It is a touching moment for the boy and his family, friends, and close people. It is a celebration of taking the responsibilities on as a real grown-up.

After the end of the ceremony, the young men have to fulfill mitzvahs (recite the verses of the Torah). The rituals for the boys are obligatory in any variation of Jewish beliefs. However, the corresponding ritual for the girls (Bat mitzvah) is carried out only in the definite branches. Orthodox and Hasidic Jews are still against it.

The tradition is very serious, so Bar mitzvah planner does a great job, while the parents can spend thousands of dollars. The preparations might take several months, as a Bar mitzvah boy should first learn the Hebrew language and the Torah. You can ask, How long is a Bar mitzvah service? It’s hard to say, as it depends on the synagogue, time, day, and branch of Judaism.

The celebration is big. The first comes the official ceremony with the Torah readings. Then comes the party, which is organized according to the boy’s wishes. He is answerable for inviting his friends and learning how to act during the event.

The party is full of joy with DJs, dances, and a nice cake ceremony.

Planning a Bar mitzvah: the importance of decorations

Being an important day for every 13-year old boy, initiation requires serious preparations, as, on that day, a boy becomes an adult. Décor of the place selected for the celebration is one of the essential stages of preparation. It is necessary to choose the colors and general style. Ideas of decorations might be various. There are traditional ones, preferred by the majority of Jewish people, and more up to date.

Remember that preparations must be initiated one or two months before the event, as there are many other people who might also want to organize their celebration on that day in the same place.


bar mitzvah by the kotel
Bar mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel

Bar mitzvah balloons as a part of décor

Balloons are an integral part of the decoration for the event. There are certain recommendations described in the Torah. The key thing is that bright red and orange colors must not be used in the décor. Consider the most common hues:

  • blue
  • green
  • light yellow
  • silver
  • white
  • rosy
  • transparent.

One of the traditional choices is white-blue décor. It represents the colors of the Israeli flag. The balloons might be imprinted with the Star of David. The form of the balloons varies as well. They can be traditional oval, long or twisted. It is a common case when Jewish people select the balloons in the form of a star (especially the Star of David). The balloons might be latex or made of foil.

The placement of balloons is various. They can be attached to:

  • the center of the tables
  • the chairs
  • the entrance (forming a kind of arch).

There are many other variations of the balloons placement. They can even be made as an airy Chuppah. Illumination is one more part of the décor, which can make the balloons look more profitable and create a necessary emphasis. Thus, a kind of composition can be set up.

Thus, balloons allow creating the required atmosphere and making the ceremony of Bar mitzvah special for a certain boy, his friends, and relatives.

Photo bar mitzvah in the kotel
Bar mitzvah Kotel Israel

Jerusalem: a post about travel

After the ceremony, people (the guests and the hero of the occasion) usually post their emotions and pictures online on their social networks. You can share them as well with our website so we can add them to our gallery in order to show others how joyful the celebration of initiation can be.

The photographer is always an important visitor of the event, so nice photos are guaranteed. Successful decorations always allow making the memories brighter and richer.

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