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Klezmer for Bar Mitzvah

Bar mitzvah at the Kotel and its accompaniment

Music is an integral part of any Jewish ceremony. When speaking about Bar mitzvah, it is played during every stage of the event and during the celebration coming after the official rituals. It is important to choose professional musicians and consider the songs you would like to listen to during the occasion.

Klezmer music: what is it?

Klezmer is a traditional Jewish music. It is usually played by a group of professional musicians. There are lots of dance tunes in the repertoire, so it is a nice choice for various types of celebrations including weddings, birthdays, and Bar Mitzvahs. The melodies are very expressive and, thus, distinguished from other styles. The style is aimed at imitating khazone and paraliturgical singing. This traditional music was greatly influenced by Romanian music.

photo Music klezmer
Music for Bar mitzvah at the Kotel

There exist many different types of songs from the fastest to the slowest tempo. Consider the most popular musical instruments used:








Flutes (optional)

Klezmer music for Bar mitzvah

The musicians are experienced in accompanying the Bar mitzvah events. They know how to create a truly Jewish and happy atmosphere around. The number of musicians might be different (2 or more). It is also possible to select the preferable musical instruments for your celebration.

photo bar mitzvah kotel israel
Musical instruments for Bar mitzvah at the Kotel

This solid type of music is able to make the whole ceremony full of joy and fun. It is able to touch the heart of every guest.

The melodies played are one of the oldest and joyful. Kinor David offers the musicians, who will accompany you on your way to the Torah and during the whole tour planned for the day.

photo Bar mitzvah at the Kotel with Klezmer melodies
Klezmer band for Bar mitzvah at the Kotel

Add more activities to this important day of Bar mitzvah at the Kotel and enjoy every moment of it with the support of Kinor David.

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