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The Rabbi’s doll

Bar mitzvah by the Kotel in Israel and the meaning of attractions

A Bar mitzvah is an important event for the whole family. Lots of guests come to congratulate the hero of the occasion with his maturity.

Any parent would like to make such a ceremony really special and memorable. Besides, it is vital not to let the guests get bored. For this purpose, the organization of the celebration by Kinor David includes various attractions. One of the famous varieties is a Rabbi’s or Chassid doll.

What is a Chassid doll?

A Rabbi’s doll is a huge figure, which is often used for Bar mitzvah ceremonies. Rabbi is in the Hebrew language. The doll is also frequently referred to as Chassid. The latest is the one, who is pious and close to God. This person has definite obligations in front of the Lord. Among the other qualities, it is also vital to mention:




photo bar mitzvah at the kotel
Dancing on Bar mitzvah by the Kotel in Israel

Chassid knows all the deep secrete of the Torah. With his help, all people understand the sense of Torah. The key task of Chassid is to make the world a better place transforming everything around. The greatest priority of Chassid is the people’s prosperity.

The most important thing for the people according to Chassid is doing things from inside with joy and sincerity.

photo bar mitzvah israel
Musicians and Rabbi’s doll for Bar mitzvah by the Kotel in Israel

Bar mitzvah by the Kotel in Israel with the Chassid doll

Chassid doll is one of the people’s favors. During the ceremony, it not only adds spirituality and creates a festive mood, but also attracts the attention to your celebration. The doll perfectly suits the procession and can be placed in the center of the circle while everyone is dancing.

One of the popular variations of the dancing dolls is Nachman doll – a doll of a Breslov Rabbi. Such a choice will be appreciated by both adults and children, as such a doll is very attractive to them.

The kids always demonstrate an impressive connect dancing with Chassid. Thus, your Bar mitzvah can easily turn a joyful and unforgettable event.

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