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Torah writing

Bar mitzvah in Israel and Torah scrolls

Torah reading is one of the important rituals of any Bar mitzvah ceremony. It is an ancient Jewish tradition.

As soon as a boy reaches 13, he becomes a member of an adult society. As a result, he is obliged to pray and take part in Torah readings. The first official Torah reading happens during the Bar mitzvah ceremony.

Before the ceremony, there are months of preparations. The boy attends the lessons of Rabbi or even special school to learn how to read the Torah paragraphs right.

Bar mitzvah in Israel and its attractions

very family wants to make the event special for their kid. Besides, it is also vital to entertain the guests and make the event memorable for everyone. For this purpose, Kinor David offers plenty of attractions, such as:

Doves release

Professional musicians

Chassid doll

Balloons, etc.

Torah scrolls writing is one more attraction and a privilege for the hero of the occasion.

photo what i bar mitzvah
Bar mitzvah in Israel and Torah readings

Torah scroll writing

It is a ritual fulfilled by means of a special pen and in a definite manner. As soon as the boy finishes reading the Torah, he is given a parchment with his name. There are letters, which the boy is to complete in order to better understand the concepts of the Torah. As a result, the hero of the event also receives a nice souvenir as a memory about the ceremony.

Such a ritual is sacred for the Jewish people. It is knowledge, which is transmitted from fathers to their sons. Such a chain is able to connect people to the Torah.

photo bar mitzvah jewish
Torah importance during Bar mitzvah in Israel

Kinor David provides you with a great opportunity to write on a real scroll with the help of a Feather. You will definitely see the tears of excitement in the guests and the kid himself.

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