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What is the importance of Bar mitzvah? What will happen if you won’t pass it?

What is the importance of Bar mitzvah?

Bar mitzvah is an important event, which symbolizes one of the stages of Jewish life. It is an indispensable Jewish tradition, which cannot be forgotten. Never mind, where the Jewish family resides, they always prepare for the celebration of Bar mitzvah event.

The significance of Bar mitzvah

Bar mitzvah means the son of Mitzvah. The latest denotes ‘commandment’ and ‘connection’. The ceremony signifies the maturity of a boy and his entrance in adult life. As soon as Bar mitzvah in Israel or in any other part of the world is passed, a boy gets connected to his Jewish identity, Torah, and Mitzvot. Besides, he becomes a rightful member of a Jewish community.

In accordance with the Torah, a ‘Bar Mitzvah’ is a young man, who reached the age of 13. At this age, the transition happens for a boy. Before the ceremony, serious preparations are required, which include Torah readings and Hebrew language learning. The ceremony demonstrates respect for Judaism.

bar mitzvah at the kotel
Bar mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel

What will happen if you miss Bar mitzvah?

Bar Mitzvah for kids is a great occasion, which makes them a part of the community. Sometimes it happens that families omit the ceremony for a certain reason. There are no real consequences of that. The key things concern the moral issue and feeling of belonging. Almost everyone in Jewish society passes the ceremony of Bar Mitzvah. That’s why those, who missed it, might feel lost and distracted. They may also feel the lack of experience, which everyone around has.

Besides, Bar mitzvah service and celebration are connected with an ancient tradition. That’s why all the religious Jews not just organize the ceremony but prepare a big and impressive celebration with Bar Mitzvah music, dances, kosher food, and a party in order to show their righteous attitude to culture and religion.

bar mitzvah ceremony at the kotel

Thus, there are several reasons, why it is advisable to host Bar Mitzvah for every boy:

Besides, a hero of the occasion may get useful and beautiful gifts as well as greetings and nice wishes for the future.

If you are a true Jew, who respects God and good old traditions, it is a wonderful idea to organize a Bar mitzvah event with great celebration.


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