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What is the second Bar mitzvah and when does it happen?

Every Jew knows Bar mitzvah history and the significance of this ceremony. It is celebrated by every boy, who is 13-year-old. However, not all people are aware of the second Bar mitzvah ceremony. The occasion is celebrated at a later point of life and has more symbolic than religious meaning.

What does the second Bar mitzvah mean?

The actual Bar mitzvah happens when a boy becomes a rightful member of the Jewish society. Since that time, he is connected to God and should read the Torah and pray like any other member of society. Thus, the transition from childhood to adulthood happens at the age of 13.

However, plenty of Jewish people like celebrating their Bar mitzvah for the second time. They usually make such a decision in the period of spiritual reawakening. Thus, they show their rededication to the Torah, its study, and observance. To organize a Bar mitzvah day, they select a milestone birthday. Many Jews choose their 83rd birthday because they consider the age of 70 a new start, while 83 becomes an equivalent to 13 (when their first Bar mitzvah was celebrated).

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What do the men usually do on the second Bar mitzvah?

The event might be organized even without a big celebration because it’s more a spiritual impulse. On a certain day, the man calls to the Torah once again. He reads a part of the Torah, which was read during the first Bar mitzvah event at the age of 13. Sometimes men miss their first celebration of Bar mitzvah. In this case, they declare a part of the Torah, which they planned to read when they were 13.

The other reason for the second Bar mitzvah is the strengthening of faith. It becomes a wonderful chance for those men, who feel lax in the observance of the Torah. Such a ceremony helps restart fulfilling special mitzvahs on a regular basis. The occasion is called re-bar mitzvah.

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Why else can you celebrate Bar mitzvah?

There are other general reasons to celebrate the second Bar mitzvah:

For an elderly Jew, it’s pleasant to see that traditions are observed and nothing has changed. The guests still say their greetings and bring envelopes with the gifts. Thus, it’s possible to see the connection of generations, which represents an indissoluble chain.


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