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What we have that others don’t


People always ask us what do you do that’s better than any other production company, because they all give the same service and pretty much all are the same price. What do you have that they don’t?

I would like to inform you that we have a number of unique things that only we have and other production companies do not.

A Team of Musicians

I myself have a BA from The Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. I know how to party and energize the audience so much, that sometimes people think I have gone crazy. When the family comes with the bus, we enter the bus in full party mode and start the celebration from the first moments of the event.

photo bar mitzvah kotel israel
Bar mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel

A reception for the Bar Mitzvah boy

A Regal setting welcomes you. The set includes a red carpet and columns decorated with bouquets of flowers. The setting adds splendor and provides the event with a special look. On the carpet amidst the columns, the Bar Mitzvah boy will stand along with his immediate family, to blessings from the family and a Shma Israel blessing from the Bard, accompanied by the sounds of trumpets.

photo bar mitzvah kotel israel
Planning a bar mitzvah in Israel

Rabbi (Hagai Ben-Haim)

The bard hosting all the Bar Mitzvah events is Hagai Ben-Haim. Hagai is a former vice-winner of the World Bible Quiz. This advantage gives him extensive knowledge on Judaism in general and in particular on the subject of the Bar Mitzvah.

Side note: You are invited to a free consultation with a rabbi on any subject related to bar mitzvah via phone number: 052-2-600-640, during conventional hours.

photo adventure rabbi bar mitzvah
Bar mitzvah rabbi

Hasid Doll

A Nachman Hasid (follower) doll, inflates to high-altitude, joins for the whole parade, making it that much better. It is important to say that almost all those watching the show, will stop for at least a moment to observe or photograph or to be photographed with the doll.

photo the bar mitzvah boy
Bar mitzvah ceremony

A gift worth all the money in the world

We invested a lot of thought into what souvenir will remain with the Bar Mitzvah boy for life. It’s true that the status itself will be remembered forever, but still, we wanted to give the bar Mitzvah boy something that will remind him of his Bar Mitzvah whenever he saw it.

Home blessing – a blessing with a lot of meaning and content, whose purpose is protection for the home. The blessing is written on a real parchment, when the last 13 letters, as per the years in the life of the Bar Mitzvah groom, are hollow, which the groom completes with ink and quill, just like a scribe, after the Aliya to the Torah ceremony. The card itself can be framed and hung in the living room, a memento of a living testimony for a long and prosperous life.


I would just like to remind you that all these services cost a lot of money on the market, and they really are worth every penny, all of which we provide with no extra charge. Everything is included within the standard fee.

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