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Why is it important to celebrate Bar mitzvah?

Why is it vital to celebrate Bar mitzvah?

Bar mitzvah is one of the key occasions in the life of every Jewish boy. Bar mitzvah preparations start in advance. Every member of the Jewish society is looking forward to celebrate this event because it signifies a new stage of life.

The meaning of Bar mitzvah rituals

Bar mitzvah process has cultural, religious, and traditional meaning. It means the transition from childhood to adulthood. As soon as a boy reaches 13, he is considered a full participant of the Jewish society.

The first stage of the ceremony is the ritual. To properly organize the event, the families often hire Bar mitzvah planners, who are experienced in the preparation of various traditional things.

Being an indispensable element of the Jewish faith, Bar mitzvah starts with the service in the synagogue. On the day of the service, the hero of the occasion is to recite a part of the Torah, which he has been learning for a while, in front of the congregation. It happens when a boy leads the Aliyah during synagogue service. The vital thing is that it’s actually the first time for a young man when he has such a responsibility.

planning a bar mitzvah in israel

After an official ritual, the celebration comes. Many families prefer preparing amazing parties spending thousands of dollars. Such events might include:

The final element of the celebration is a Bar mitzvah party. It is always full of joy and fun. The family selects one of the restaurants, where they can order tasty and kosher food. The hall for the party is always beautifully decorated with balloons and other elements. Jewish people adore big celebrations, so they invite all relatives and friends. The guests bring various gifts and money for a Bar mitzvah boy. Besides, each of them prepares their greetings for the hero of the event.

bar mitzvah package israel

The significance of the event for a young man

There exist plenty of reasons, why boys are waiting to celebrate their Bar mitzvah:

Thus, almost all the Jewish boys wait and carefully prepare for their Bar mitzvah. For them, it is a unique and unforgettable experience as well as the opportunity to get wise knowledge from the older generation feeling the connection with them.


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