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Still not sure if we can be of help? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

Of course, you can! We understand that sometimes, the budget for the ceremony is tight and/or there is a professional photographer amongst the guests. Thus, we make no prohibitions at all, as it makes no sense (and would only make everyone nervous).

If during the ceremony you would like to strengthen up with the services of our photographer (and he will be available) – we will surely provide him to you. He knows how to make your pictures perfect and what are the best angles for taking them in every particular case and place.

We can do everything turnkey. Or we can just make the ceremony of ascending to Torah and that’s it – you decide on what exactly do you prefer. The turnkey service includes (every point is optional):

  • catering or a restaurant/café at your choice
  • selection of the place of the ceremony and the best suitable time for it
  • discussion of preferences of Bar/Bat Mitzvah with you based on the rules of your congregation and community to make everything perfect
  • pigeons, balloons
  • Tefillin, Torah scroll
  • shofars, drums, klezmers, or other types of musical instruments to support your mood
  • the delivery of guests to the Kotel from home/office and turning them back.

Certainly! For you, we’ll tell how the ceremony will happen, what steps it will include, and will guide you through it on the place, from A to Z. For your boy/girl, we give preparatory lessons, on which they learn to read Torah right (the required piece according to the birth date or the one specifically selected by you). As the speech of both, an offspring and parents is often a mandatory thing, we’ll have a conversation with you discussing the possible best choice of the essence of your speeches, what to highlight, what to omit, and give you other helpful pieces of advice. You are free to ask for any thinkable help from us.

To make your order, you agree with us the global idea of the ceremony and its dates. Then, you make the payment for it and we conclude the service contract. We can discuss all the details later but in any case, the conclusion of the contract is best to do 1-2 months before the anticipated ceremony. We have to book the Torah for the certain time and the place at the Western Wall so not to make a crowd. Catering, cake, music, and everything else also must be agreed. Don’t forget that we also have to prepare your boy/girl for reading Torah (and sometimes it takes many lessons to complete). So start planning your upcoming holiday as soon as you have an opportunity.

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