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Jerusalem tour and Bar mitzvah party

Bar mitzvah favors: Who is Chassid?

Jewish traditions have a very long history. Along with the Bar mitzvah readings of the Torah portion, there are other customs. According to the Talmud, Chassid is the one, who is pious. This person has certain duties in front of God. Besides, Chassid acts beyond the line of the law. Along with the piousness, Chassid possesses several other important qualities, such as:

  • selflessness (as every soul is a part of God)
  • joyfulness
  • vivacity
  • awareness of the deepest secrets of Torah.

He is a kind of Bar mitzvah party favors. Thanks to the knowledge of Chassid, other people are able to understand the concepts of Torah. His task is to improve and transform everything around for the better. According to the opinion of this person, people live to constantly recreate themselves and the world.

He is ready to sacrifice his own welfare and needs for the sake of other people’s prosperity. Chassid represents not a body but a soul of a thing. He lives a life from inside and at the same time, helps look at ourselves and our life from the inside out. Chassid lets us understand that doing something from inside means doing it with joy and sincerity.j

Western wall art

As the ceremony of initiation takes place by the Wailing Wall, it is essential to understand that it is an important religious place for Jewish people. Today this place is able to inspire people for the creation of amazing pictures. Such paintings are a wonderful gift for your relatives and friends. You can buy them right at the Kotel (the Western Wall).

Concerning the history of the place, it is an ancient limestone, which is located in the old part of Jerusalem. It is considered holy because it is connected with the Temple Mount. Jewish people come here to pray. Many important ceremonies including Bar mitzvah are carried out at the Kotel.

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What happens at a Bar Mitzvah ceremony?

Chassid becomes a part of many rituals and important events. Bar Mitzvah is not an exception. According to the beliefs, during this ceremony, he prays, light the candles, and supports. As a pious soul, he puts a boy on the right path.

A Chassid doll is an old Jewish tradition, which is considered a part of our culture. It allows a boy stepping to the next stage of his maturation. He helps the young men grow selfless, be able to sacrifice and live for other people’s happiness.

Besides the important symbolism, a Chassid doll is a part of an amazing celebration, which brings positive emotions and helps regain the spirit of the hero of the occasion and his guests.

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Bar mitzvah greetings

ing an official member of the Jewish community. They usually bring the greeting cards or say some words to wish good luck and other good things to him. The messages are in most cases small and simple. The key thing is that they always contain benevolent and kind words.

Greeting cards might contain various wishes. The most common phrase, which is usually written along with the other words, is ‘Mazel Tov!’. It is used as congratulation on lots of significant occasions in the life of a Jew. The expression originated from Mishnaic Hebrew. It means constellation or destiny and can be translated as ‘Good luck’.

Let’s consider a few greetings, which can be found in the cards:

  • Mazel Tov! Congratulations on becoming a man! We are proud of you.
  • Mazel Tov! May the Torah bless you and guide you throughout your whole life.
  • Happy Bar Mitzvah! Wish you all the best!
  • Today you begin a new chapter of your young life.
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Bar mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel

Other important initiation traditions

The guests must understand which Bar mitzvah attire is acceptable. It is allowed wearing fashionable clothes. At the same time, the clothes must be modest (especially for women). The choice also depends on a definite synagogue. The organizers of the celebration must describe the dress code in the invitation cards to let the guest understand what to wear.

As for the women, they can wear dresses or official suits. No bare shoulders are usually acceptable, so the shawl or bolero is required. The men can wear a slack or formal suit with a tie. The same concerns the hero of the occasion. Everyone on the ritual with Chassid and other parts of the ceremony usually looks very beautiful

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