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Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel Western Wall

Jewish meals

The food is one of the most important things for the Jewish people. They cook certain dishes for various religions and cultural occasions.

The key thing about the Jewish meals is that they should be kosher. This word is translated from the Hebrew language as ‘suitable’ and ‘pure’.

photo bar mitzvah jerusalem
Bar mitzvah kotel


There are definite rules connected with the permitted and forbidden meals.
As for the meat, it’s usually connected with the permitted kinds of animals. Among them, there are:
1) bulls
2) veal
3) sheep
4) cows
5) lambs
60 springbok, etc.
In other words, it is allowed eating meat if the animal satisfies two main conditions:
it owns split hooves
it chews the cud.
Thus, for instance, the pork is not thought to be kosher. Besides, the animal must be killed by a skilled ritual slaughterer.

Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel (Western Wall) and the meals for it

he food for the Bar Mitzvah celebration is very important. Celebration by the Kotel has a great advantage, as many restaurants are located around the place. Kinor David can offer the preparation of special dishes according to your tastes for such an event.

The meals are usually had after the official ceremony near the Western Wall. The hero of the occasion and the guests are transferred to a selected restaurant for a party by bus.

There are usually various dishes on the table, such as snacks, main and second courses, and something sweet. There is also a special cake. The guests can also bring something delicious to congratulate a boy.

photo bar mitzvah balloons
Bar mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel

Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel (Western Wall): restaurants nearby

Kinor David offers plenty of restaurants to celebrate Bar Mitzvah near the Kotel. We cooperate with the majority of them. All of them offer only high-quality kosher food for the most important occasion in your son’s life. An amazing party can be easily organized there. Consider several popular places to have delicious meals:
1) Holy Café
2) Al-Buraq
3) CoffeeBagel
4) The Quarter Café
5) Bandora Jewish quarter, etc.


photo bar mitzvah for boy
Bar mitzvah Israel

We can help you select the most comfortable place for the celebration. The restaurants are located 0.1-0.3 miles from the Western Wall, so the way to them takes just a few minutes. You can consider the preferable menu and include any dishes you want.

It is also possible to select the cuisine preferred to satisfy the tastes of the guests. Pay attention to the style of the place. It is also vital to make an order in advance to make sure it is vacant and to have enough time to decorate the hall if required.

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