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Wise and kosher gifts for a Bar/Bat mitzvah

The preparation for Bar mitzvah for the guests is a tricky task. It is vital to take care not just about appropriate attire and norms of behavior but also about the choice of a nice gift for a boy or a girl celebrating adulthood.

bar mitzvah ceremony in israel
Bar mitzvah ceremony in israel

The rules of gifts selection

Thinking about Bat/bar mitzvah gift, it’s important to consider definite criteria:

  • the gender of the hero of the occasion
  • your relations with a girl/boy and the family in general (the closer you are, the more money you can spend on a gift)
  • how well you know the family
  • how religious the family is
  • what the family would appreciate as a gift.

Some people may also think about the tastes and interests of a Bat mitzvah girl/Bar mitzvah boy. However, it does not usually make sense because at the age of 12/13 the interests keep changing. Besides, something we can expect to be a nice choice might appear to be ‘un-cool’ for a teenager.

It will be a wonderful idea to talk to a child’s parents first and ask them about their preferences. Another way out is to bring money as a gift. According to the Jewish tradition, it is better to bring the sum of money in multiples of 18. In the traditional numerology, 18 denotes life and is considered as a blessing.

bar mitzvah israel kotel
Bar mitzvah israel cost

Perfect ideas

To bring a gift is a good choice for those, who desire to make a memorable and valuable present. Let’s considers several Bat/Bar mitzvah gift ideas. The following things are always thought to be kosher and appropriate for the rite of passage:

  • Tzedakah box. This is a special box used to collect money for charity. A Bat mitzvah girl/Bar mitzvah boy can make a donation before they light Shabbat candles
  • Kiddush Cup. It’s applied during various religious rituals, such as Shabbat. Bringing such a gift, you help the child prepare for future ceremonies as an adult.
  • Kippah. It is a perfect choice for a boy. All the religious men wear this accessory. It shows their respect for God and Judaism. It is required to wear it at least during the prayers.
  • A bookmark. It might contain the inscription of names in Hebrew or a Star of David. It is a beautiful and commemorative gift, which might be used for a religious book the kids read.
  • Jewelry. There are various accessories, which have the images of a Tree of Life, a Star of David or other religious symbols. You can bring a necklace, ring or other types of jewelry.
  • Torah pointer. While reading the Torah, such an item is always used. It allows tracking the place during the public reading. There are pointers with different designs from the traditional to modern ones.

The gift, which is connected with religion and culture, is the best choice, as it shows your respect and concern about the future of a new adult member of the Jewish society.


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