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Bar mitzvah in Jerusalem

Planning a Bar mitzvah

Organization of initiation demands full dedication of yourself, as it is one of the most important events in the life of every boy. On the day, he is 13, he is officially considered to be an adult and receives all the rights along with other grown-ups.

Everyone wants to make such a ceremony special. In order to reach this purpose, people make long and serious preparations thinking about the decorations, program of the event, meals, guests, and many other things. The preparations usually start 1-2 month before Bar mitzvah.

Bar mitzvah blessing

The Rabbi is the first who reads the blessing during the initiation. It contains the wishes to grow up according to the Torah, keep learning, and perform good deeds.

The young man should be an asset to all his family, friends, and the whole Jewish community. The conclusion is the Priest blessing. There’re no separate blessings for the parents of a young man, as the Rabbi usually includes one into the words directed to the young man. However, the parents are responsible for saying Shehechiyanu.

Another stage of the celebration is three blessings given to the boy, his friends, and his parents. They should recite ‘Amen’ to the following:

  • Borei pri Hagefen (Shabbat Kiddush)
  • Al Netilat Yadayim (washing the hands)
  • Hamotzi Lechem min Ha’aretz (before to cut the challah)
photo bar mitzvah jerusalem kotel
Bar mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel

Bar mitzvah greetings and wishes

All the guests of the occasion congratulate a young man on his Bar mitzvah. They can bring a card or say some words to wish something good to him. The messages should be small and simple. However, they always contain benevolence and kindness.

The most common part of any greeting contains the words Mazel Tov! It is used as congratulation on any important occasion in the life of a Jewish person. The expression came from Mishnaic Hebrew. It denotes constellation or destiny. It might be translated as ‘Good luck!’.

Look at several widespread congratulations used:

  • Mazel Tov! Congratulations on becoming a man! We are very proud of you.
  • Mazel Tov! Congratulations and have a magnificent day!
  • Happy Bar Mitzvah! Wish you all the best and that you’re blessed in this truly special celebration.
photo bar mitzvah in jerusalem

Bat mitzvah ceremony: what happens?

Bat mitzvah is an important event for the girls, who are 12/13-year-old (depending on the traditions). It is vital that not all the branches of Judaism accept such ceremonies for the young women.

\As well as the boys, the girls of a certain age become adults and carry the corresponding responsibilities. The girl becomes a daughter of the mitzvahs. The ceremony demands preparations such as learning the Torah and developing her personal relationship with Judaism and the Lord. There are special schools and programs to help with this task. All the rest is very similar to the boys’ ceremony.

photo bat mitzvah
Bar mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel

Bar mitzvah party traditions: Doves releasing ritual

Among the Jewish people, pigeons have always been considered special. According to the Song of Songs, doves have special qualities and represent the Jewish people. They are often compared to the pigeons. The latest meet one mate and never leave him/her for the whole life.

They neither abandon their nests. Thus, the tradition of pigeons release has a symbolic meaning. Young Hebrews start a new adult life and are set some kind of freedom. That’s why pigeons are also considered to be a symbol of freedom and used as one of the Bar mitzvah sign in ideas.

Another reason to add such a ritual to the celebration is the magnificence of the process. It looks so beautiful that the emotions you get will be memorized for the whole life.

It is not only the hero of the occasion, who can release the doves. Other guests also have an opportunity to experience those emotions and to regain their spirit. To carry out the ritual for Bat mitzvah is also a nice idea, as it may be used as a symbol of a girl becoming a woman.

Ordering the pigeons should be made beforehand, as there are not just one but about a dozen of them. The tradition allows the young men opening their hearts and minds to the new life. These are only a few reasons to include pigeons for Bar mitzvah in the program of the ceremony.

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